Saturday, February 16, 2008

Color Sided

Color sided is a common coloration in the Longhorn breed. White Park cattle also exhibit this coloration. Color sided is represented by Cs. Cs is also a incompletely dominant trait. The Homozygous animals will exhibit more than their Heterozygous mates.

CsCs animals are will exhibit a white body, with dark points. The ears, muzzle and lower legs or around the hooves.

Cscs animals however show a varying pattern. Often they will have a white dorsal stripe and white belly with color extending from the head, along the neck and often tapering off as it moves back to the hips. These animals may resemble SpSp animals. The color will often roan or turn splotchy around the edges of the pattern. Animals that carry the Rr and Cscs genes, often will result in an pattern that is very similar to the CsCs individuals.

The cow here exhibits the Cscs pattern, however as you can see she did not pass the Cs on to her calf which exhibits cscs.

and, here is her next calf which she passed the gene onto it is Cscs

cscs animals are again solid colored.

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